exists to help you create the perfect ambiance you seek. We’ve put together a wide variety of options for you to choose from no matter what mood you are striving to create.

If you’re looking for a Tiffany Style lamp you’ll find Tiffany hanging lamps as well as floorlamps here at

Our variety of lamps will give you many to choose from. Whether you search is for stained glass lights or stained glass lamps, hanging pendant lamps or Tiffany Style lamps we think you’ll be pleased with our selection.

Light your area in style from top to bottom, ceiling hanging pendant lamps to floor Torchiere lamps we’re sure you will find what just the right main lighting source or accent.

Our hanging pendant lamps are Tiffany style lamps and include Tiffany hanging lamps as well as chandeliers.

Here at is the keeper of light. We strive to make your shopping experience as pleasurable as possible. is your one stop website for a fabulous array of light and glass needs. Our beautiful stained glass window panels, stained glass lights and stained glass lamps add an air of elegance to any area.

The creation of stained glass window panels is achieved by adding metallic salts in the glass making process which would stain glass panels creating this effect.

The “Torch” or Torchiere lamp was made beautiful with the addition of the Tiffany style. From the first Tiffany style lamp created around 1895 to present day creations including stained glass window panels, wall lights and Torchiere lamps this beautiful style has endured.

If you’re looking for floor lamps cheap we don’t have cheap floor lamps. What we do have is a wide variety and styles of well made lamps for all budgets with a wide selection to choose from.

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